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I blog and draw about video games, occasionally the animu. I also like to reblog art, inspiration, and utter silliness!

Some of my current interests include
Dark Souls · Fire Emblem · Pokémon · ACNL Persona · Tales of Series

I do my best to ensure subjects are tagged ~

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fuck kids

s0lyss replied to your post:

Absolutely. :3c If you ever got Dark Souls on Ps3 I am literally always down for jolly cooperation.

omf yes sAME and I would love to?? uvu this is v good

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jesus mario what is your damage

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So uhh, my clothing dye ate through my gloves…..

+3 spellcasting +1 summoning EFF: 2XDAM vs undead

harrbarian replied to your post: 16 [the miserable little pile of secrets -dies-]

incredible crisis more like incREDIBLE CHRIST TITS HLFOHFG but omg dude those games are great though

Pretty much omf?? but Taneo’s yell is the best yell I’ll ever hear in my lifetime tbh /dIES but yis ‘v’ ~ I generally disdain musical stuff save a couple things but I cannot lie that game is v fab

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fjsdkfSFJK omg it’s ok ;v;
—as for PS3, while I’ve played on my best friend’s console, I don’t have one myself! But that is one of the things I’d really like to get a hold of when I can afford to ;v; There’s so much on the system I’d like to play?? hgg
I can let you know when I do though, if you ever wanted to play some stuff ‘v’ ~

16 [the miserable little pile of secrets -dies-]

16. Your guilty pleasure game
I get super embarrassed playing rhythm games around people but enjoy them in my own company??  So I do like DDR / dance machine stuff
—but for consoles it has to be the Space Channel 5 games. SO CHEESY. SO UPBEAT. AWKWARD SONG AND DANCEI love SC5 a lot jfccc
Also, while this is not a rhythm game - bar some parts of it I guess - I also really enjoy Incredible Crisis ?? that fuckign game oh my god 

10, 11, & 17 :3

10. Favorite video game soundtrack/song
I love love love the OSTs forr
Folklore, Nier, Drakengard series, Chaos Legion, Valkyrie Profile 2, Baten Kaitos, Ape Escape, Bomberman, and the Shadow Hearts series —from the top of my head ;v;
I generally enjoy a lot of the work Motoi Sakuraba, Yoshitaka Hirota, Yasunori Mitsuda, Shoji Meguro, or Tomoya Ohtani have worked on ~

11. Favorite art style
For games I really love the art styles of Kimihiko Fujisaka [Drakengard, also The Last Story], Kousuke Fujishima [various Tales games], Ayami Kojima [Castlevania], Shigenori Mitsuda [Persona, and a lot of other ATLUS games] and Takehito Harada [Disgaea], to name a few ;v;

17. The series you’ve been following the longest
Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Zelda, Bomberman, Zelda were all a part of my life since childhood, also Pokemon which I never got to play until Gen 3, I played Pokemon Stadium and Snap before that but I really loved Pokemon a lot omg



  1. First game you played
  2. First console you owned
  3. First favorite game
  4. First game you preordered
  5. Favorite game or game series
  6. Top 10 games of all time
  7. Favorite genre
  8. Favorite company/developer
  9. Favorite console
  10. Favorite video game soundtrack/song
  11. Favorite art style
  12. Upcoming game you’re most excited about
  13. A game you wish more people knew about
  14. You want a new game. Do you preorder, buy new after the release, or wait and buy it used?
  15. Consoles you currently own
  16. Your guilty pleasure game
  17. The series you’ve been following the longest
  18. Favorite antagonist
  19. Favorite protagonist 
  20. Favorite features (ex: character customization, real time action, 3d graphics, etc)


remind me to stop watching enchanted while i draw i’ll get too distracted

i can never work out an actual AU the character roles are too specific but every time with the olivia/chrom line aslkjgsd WE’LL BE MARRIED IN THE MORNING

It’s beyond 3am but gosh darn I’m making a coffee
I haven’t got drawing out of my system yet Q Q


PMMM Rebellion Story: The First Nightmare (1/2)

f-l-o-a-f replied to your photo:

Your art is absolutely gorgeous omg ;u;

Thank you so much Allie hhhh it means a lot broski ;3; <33

s0lyss replied to your photo:

I forget sometimes that your art is fucking radical.

dfSJFHJ aaaaa omg thank you ! I really appreciate it Q Q ~ <33

steven-kun replied to your photo:

touches your coloring

Tumblr ghosting replies omg but tuches ur faCE ROBIN fKSJFK <33

Invested some time drawing because I feel pretty awful today
Drew Weissbrandt in his updated get-up from some older stuff I posted.
I think I goofed on the rain effect though, it’s been a while.. :L